Volume & Issue: Volume 56, Issue 2, March 2024 

Review Article

The Capacity Inner and Outer Bounds for the Wireless Interference Channel with a Cognitive Relay

Pages 3-3


Elaheh Asadollahi Yazdi; Ghoushe Abed Hodtani; Hossein Khoshbin Ghomaash

Reliability Modeling of Various Type of Wind Turbines

Pages 7-7


Amir Ghaedi; Reza Sedaghati; Mehrdad Mahmoudian

The Effects of Spinning Reserve Uncertainty and Demand Response Programs on Transmission-Constrained Bidding Strategy

Pages 8-8


Mohammad Esmaeil Nazari; Marzieh Roodsarabi; Ehsan Modaressi Ghazvini; Ahmad Moddaresi Ghazvini