Multipath Node-Disjoint Routing with Backup List Based on the AODV Protocol

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Vahid Zangeneh; Shahriar Mohammadi

HMAC-Based Authentication Protocol: Attacks and Improvements

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Data Hiding Method Based on Graph Coloring and Pixel Blockā€˜s Correlation in Color Image

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Introduction of Configurational Indicators for Distribution Network Optimality Based on a Zoning Methodology

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Using a Tuning Parameter to Compromise Computation Time and Shipping Cost in an MDVRP

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Mohammad Amin Zajkani; Reza Rahimi Baghbadorani; Mohammad Haeri

Optical Sensors for Industrial and Biomedical Applications

Volume 54, Issue 2 (Special Issue), December 2022, Pages 333-342


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Suggested New Voltage and Frequency Control Framework for Autonomous Operation of Microgrids

Volume 45, Issue 2, November 2013, Pages 11-18


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Optical Chirality Enhancement in Twisted Arrays of Plasmonic Nano-rods

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A Solution to View Management to Build a Data Warehouse

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Shielding Effectiveness of a Lossy Metallic Enclosure

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A New Fairness Index and Novel Approach for QoS-Aware Resource Allocation in LTE Networks Based on Utility Functions

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Improving Long PN-Code Acquisition in the Presence of Doppler Frequency Shifts

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Online Non-Intrusive Efficiency Monitoring of Pumping Systems

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Development of an Analytic Model for Flux Switching Motors

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Mohammad Mardanehi; Mojtaba Mirsalimii