Main Subjects = Electric machines, analysis, design, measurement and control.
Development of An Optimal Low-Noise Voice-Coil Actuator for Precision Motion Control Applications

Volume 56, Issue 2, March 2024, Pages 305-324


Suorena Saeedi; Ali Sadighi; Masoud Shariat Panahi

Optimal Design and Analysis of Conical Magnetic Gear

Volume 56, Issue 1 (Special Issue), February 2024, Pages 47-56


Seyed Ahamdreza Afsari Kashani

Effective Approach to Use Artificial Intelligence for Detecting Different Faults in Working Electrical Machines

Volume 56, Issue 1 (Special Issue), February 2024, Pages 57-78


Seyed Hamid Rafiei; Mansoor Ojaghi; Mahdi Sabouri

Bearing Fault Detection and Classification Based on Temporal Convolutions and LSTM Network in Induction Machine

Volume 54, Issue 1, June 2022, Pages 107-120


Mohammad Hoseintabar Marzebali; Saeed Hasani Borzadaran; Hoda Mashayekhi; Valiollah Mashayekhi