Application and analysis of EIT image sequences for real-time monitoring of local aeration in a respiratory-like phantom device

Document Type : Research Article


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)


The present study demonstrates the applicability of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) technique for real-time monitoring of inspiration and expiration behavior in a respiratory phantom device. The phantom device, which serves as a mechano-electrical simulator of the human respiratory system, is coupled to a real-time monitoring instrument operating based on the EIT technique. This study reveals that the whole system could act as a helpful apparatus for researchers and physicians in improving their ventilation maneuvers for patients. The phantom specifically helps in designing and examining the results of larger number of experiments, setting up more qualified test environments, and finally more optimal tuning of ventilator devices. The device's physical appearance and structure resemble the human’s chest cage, making it suitable to be used as a model of human respiratory system. Experimental results support the applicability of the phantom and EIT system for real-time monitoring of local aerations in different experimental conditions. Additionally, several recorded and analyzed data leads us to better processing and understanding of EIT technique and its capabilities in respiration studies. The current work could be considered as a proof of concept and a step towards automatically and intelligently suggestion of ventilator settings for optimal adoption of treatment strategies and patient management in hospitals in future.


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