Eigenvalue calculator for Islanded Inverter-Based Microgrids

Document Type : Research Article



The stability analysis of islanded inverter-based microgrids (IBMGs) is increasingly an important and challenging topic due to the nonlinearity of IBMGs. In this paper, a new linear model for such microgrids as well as an iterative method to correct the linear model is proposed. Using the linear model makes it easy to analyze the eigenvalues and stability of IBMGs due to the fact that it derives the eigenvalues directly and the linearization around an operating point to study the small signal stability and also use the newton-raphson method or other load flow solutions to solve these systems are no longer needed. An effective eigenvalue calculator is developed which is able to calculate the eigenvalues of IBMGs in the first few iterations of the proposed method. The proposed method provides the superior performance considering the simulation time compared to the conventional methods. The validation and comparison of the results show the performance of the proposed method.


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