Design Procedure for a Novel LMDS Base Station Reflectarray Antenna

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1 Faculty of electrical and computer engineering, University of Tabriz,

2 Faculty of electrical and computer engineering, University of Tabriz


A reflectarray antenna is designed to operate at X-band as a Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) base station antenna. It is a center-fed single layer reflectarray consisting of 23×27 elements. The unit cell of the reflectarray has linear polarization with more than 400° linear phase shift and its geometrical parameters have been optimized to achieve wide bandwidth and low cross polarization (XP) level for the reflectarray. An iterative design procedure, that is valid for obtaining any arbitrary pattern, has been implemented to achieve the specified radiation pattern over a desired frequency range. The method has been successfully applied to a LMDS base station antenna, characterized by a sectorial cosecant squared beam in the frequency range of 9.3 GHz - 11.5 GHz. The simulation results are in a good agreement with the design requirements. The antenna has cosecant squared pattern over the bandwidth of 21%, XP level better than -30 dB, and SLL less than -20 dB in both elevation and azimuth planes. The total size of the 23×27-element array is 246×289 mm2 and its 1dB gain bandwidth is wider than 19%. The proposed antenna performs significantly better than similar structures and has all the features and standards required for LMDS base station antenna.


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