Full Soft-Switching Ultra-High Gain DC/DC Converter Using Three-Winding Coupled-Inductor with Modular Scalability for Renewable Energy Applications

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Ramsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ramsar, Iran

2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Queen’s University

3 Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology University of Technology Sydney Sydney, Australia



This paper proposes a new non-isolated single-switch DC/DC converter with an ultra-high voltage gain, low input current ripple, low voltage stress, soft-switching operation, and modular scalability for renewable sources applications. Here, with the help of a Three-Winding Coupled-Inductor (TWCI) and Voltage Multipliers circuits, ultra-high voltage gains can be achieved without needing a large duty cycle. A regenerative clamp capacitor recycles the energy stored in the leakage inductor; thus, the maximum voltage across the single power switch is restricted. Moreover, at the turn-on instant of the power switch, a Zero Current Switching (ZCS) condition is achieved. By designing a resonant tank, the switched current value of the main switch at the turn-off instant is reduced significantly. Also, the leakage inductor of the TWCI helps all converter diodes to operate under the ZCS condition. Due to full soft-switching performance, the introduced topology can provide a wide output voltage range under a high conversion efficiency. The steady-state analysis and comprehensive comparisons are provided in this paper. A 160 W prototype with 24 V input and 250 V output voltage is developed to validate the theoretical analysis. Due to ZCS operation and low voltage stress (VDS ≈ 40 V), the power loss portion of the MOSFET is low. Moreover, the maximum voltage stresses of the diodes are measured 40 V, 60 V, 90 V, and 110 V that are well below the output voltage. Furthermore, at the full-load condition, the input current ripple is about 20 % and the measured efficiency is about 96.3%.


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