Determining the Optimal Strategy of Multi Virtual Power Plants using GA-GT

Document Type : Research Article


University of Tehran


abstract: In the present work, determining the optimal strategy(profit based) of multi virtual power plants (VPPs) as well as the objective of maximizing profit through the multi-level control of VPPs are discussed by the micro-grid utilization center including virtual power plants. VPPs include renewable resources such as wind farms, photovoltaic, and conventional resources such as fuel cell, micro turbine, hybrid heat and power include gas and also waste heat boiler integrated with electrical resources and energy storage devices such as batteries. During the market competition process, the method of biding for each VPP is determined according to the optimal generation capacity of each VPP.
In order to reduce the effects of uncertainty and unpredictability of the output power of wind farms, a more precise method for predicting using wavelet transform and artificial neural network as well as genetic algorithm method has been provided.
Two operational models are described in this paper: 1) specify the optimal independent strategy of each VPP; and 2) The game theory model to specify the optimized strategy of 9-bus IEEE system including multiple virtual power plants as well as a model of load response according to pricing mechanism for time use and also removable electrical loads.


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