Optimum scheduling of the HRES for an isolated rural city in Iran

Document Type : Research Article


1 Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Iran University of Science and Technology


It is necessary to form an energy system in order to deliver the electrical power to a region that delivering energy to them from the national grid is not possible. At the moment, using the hybrid renewable energy systems (HRES) is the suggestion of more articles and scientific books because of environmental problems, nearing to the end of fossil fuels, and challenges including unpredictability of the renewable resources. In order to optimize the operation of a PV-diesel-battery energy system in the paper, a practical model has been proposed to optimal day-ahead scheduling diesel generator in a PV-diesel-battery system. Because of the uncertainty of the solar prediction data, it has been considered by Monte-Carlo simulation in the day-ahead diesel generator scheduling model (DDSM). The model has been implemented for PV-diesel-battery system on a sample desert area in Kerman in Iran. The area load modeling has been done by predicting electrical consumption of some days of the seasons that are the symbols of all days of the seasons. Annual and five-year environmental, economic, and technical indexes have been computed and the results have been compared using the indexes in different reliability and storing capacity scenarios. Sensitivity analysis of the results has been done for the PV-diesel-battery system.


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