A Fast Localization and Feature Extraction Method Based on Wavelet Transform in Iris Recognition

Document Type : Research Article


1 S. Kooshkestani is with the engineering department, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran (e-mail:Samira_mis@yahoo.com),

2 H. Sadjedi is with the engineering department, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran (e-mail:sadjedi@shahed.ac.ir

3 M. Pooyan is with the Engineering Department, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran (e-mail:pooyan@shahed.ac.i)


With an increasing emphasis on security, automated personal identification based on biometrics has been receiving extensive attention. Iris recognition, as an emerging biometric recognition approach, is becoming a very active topic in both research and practical applications. In general, a typical iris recognition system includes iris imaging, iris liveness detection, and recognition. This research focused on the last issue and describes a new scheme for iris recognition. This paper proposes a new method to find the inner boundary of the Iris for localizing its area in the eye images. The proposed method besides having higher speed and lower calculation cost and simplicity, has got an acceptable precision for internal boundary localizing the proposed algorithm for feature extraction, characterizing the important information via biorthogonal wavelet and experimental results show that the proposed method has an encouraging performance.


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